About JOFs and JOFcon

JOFs are Journeymen of Fandom, including Journeywomen, Journeypersons, Journeybots, Journeyfolk, Journeyfen, Journeyworkers, & Journeyplatypi.

We are holding the first JOFcon on March 28-30th, 2014 near the BWI (Baltimore) Airport.

Click here for hotel reservation details.

Memberships will be $50 pre-registered and $60 at the door for the weekend.

All are welcome, so long as they’re interested in learning more about fanac (“fannish activities”). We believe everyone has something to learn, and something to teach.

More generally about JOFs:

We have an active Facebook Group for JOFs, which anyone can join.

The general tone we like to take as a group is as follows.

Please try to remember that your way is not the only way. There are a vast number of solutions to just about any problem a con needs to solve, and it’s likely been done many ways in the past. Do not mistake your experiences for the One True Fannish Way.

Please treat each other like adults. Don’t talk down to others, badger them, or personally attack them.


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