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Future JOFcons Welcome

JOFcon is a new convention, but participants in the JOF group online have already expressed interest in running future JOFcons.

We would like any group to be able to run JOFcons whenever a group of fans express interest and willingness to run one.

JOFcons don’t need to be kept to an annual or semi-annual schedule; this will hopefully allow for fans in one area to run a JOFcon at a time and location that works for that group (without conflicting with local conventions’ schedules, but hopefully also at times when fans who help run other conventions can attend and participate).  If you would like to run a JOFcon, please participate in the community, and talk to us about it!  $10 says you get some volunteers to help out.



  1. Glenn Glazer says:

    Vote of support for Mpls in 2105. -Glenn

  2. Michael Lee says:

    2105? That’s a really long way off. 🙂

  3. Glenn Glazer says:

    LOL. There is a great deal of tradition for this sort of thing, you know…

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