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JOFcon Memberships

JOFcon II memberships can be obtained via the JOFcon MSP website.  The rest of this page is documentation of JOFcon I…
Memberships to the first JOFcon were $50 pre-convention, or $60 at the door.  We had a cap of 50 members for JOFcon I, because we wanted the discussions to be lively but manageable, and we wanted to make sure we could make something special for each attendee.

You could buy your JOFcon I membership by going to Eventbrite and there purchasing a “ticket” (aka membership! we promise! with badges still to be printed!).  As the event has already occurred, however, only those with a time machine will be permitted to do so at this point.

Your JOFcon I membership includes access to the function space, consuite, and hopefully an awesome bit of swag.

If you wish to donate a membership to JOFcon for someone else to attend, please contact us  to let us know!

If you have further questions (because goodness knows we’ve forgotten something!) please also don’t hesitate to speak up.  You can post a comment to the JOFcon pages here, or you can submit a comment to our embedded form here.


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