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JOFcon Open Programming Plan


JOFcon is a collaborative convention for those who are interested in learning about convention running, teaching about convention running, and talking about fannish conventions.

At JOFcon, we intend experiment, and one of the major experiments we’re running is to take an open program format.  This means possible topics of discussion will be brainstormed online (on the JOFs Facebook page, as well as using #joftopic on twitter) and at the first dinner of the convention.  Friday night at JOFcon, we will evaluate topics for prioritization based on a vote of the attendees, and form a schedule from that.

The highest priority topics for discussion will be written in order of interest level on a large post-it note that can be easily viewed throughout the weekend.  Prioritized discussions in the round (no sitting at the front of the room on a panel!) will occur in the function space throughout the weekend.  There will be periodic breaks for snacks, meals, and such.  We will insert a workshop slot somewhere in Saturday afternoon to keep things lively.  Bring something to workshop, if you’re so inspired, or hang out to workshop others’ projects.  We will also have a set of Cards Against Fandom to play with.

When not participating in the discussions in the round, attendees will have the option of enjoying the complimentary breakfast from the hotel each morning, or chatting informally in the consuite with friends.  The consuite will have some common (peanut-free) snacks and beverages, although more are always welcome.  If enough JOFcon attendees bring baked goods, we may vote on the most delicious and award a JOFcon prize.

It’s our intention that at each topic change (approximately every 60-75 minutes), someone will update the people in consuite as to the next topic with about 15 minute breaks in between discussions.  We hope that it will be at least somewhat predictable at what times sessions will start and end, so that if someone sleeps through one session, they can still plan to be at the start of the next one.

Given we have so much time allocated to breakfast in the morning, but some folks will sleep through the breakfast time frame, we aren’t breaking for lunch each day.  We have 15 minute breaks between each talking session, and folks can grab food in the consuite during that time and/or sit out for a session in order to grab food.

With all of that pre-set …

We’ve worked out a schedule for this con, and it can be read here!



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